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EvoComp (mounted on B525) with Ergosign shooting vest

Browning and Miroku

The development of the Ergosign EvoComp for an important range of Browning and Miroku shotguns has been finalized. For Browning we offer the following models in our fabrication program: 325, 425, 525, GTI and GTS. For Miroku the following models are now available: MK38, MK60, MK70 and 3800. The grips are supplied with finger grooves and Rhomlas®-surface in right-hand and left-hand version in the sizes S, M, L and XL.

EvoComp Ultra Light System

EvoComp Ultra Light

Compared with the previous skeleton light version, we could reduce the weight of the EvoComp Ultra Light by another 50 grams. This alteration provides the stock system a more intensive and even more technical appearance. If a shooter requires an extra light stock (with a total weight of approx. 780 grams), we have the possibility to use an appropriate wood and to adapt it to very light barrels – to reach an optimal adjustment of the shotgun’s balance with the adjustable Ergosign EvoComp.

Model Trap

Shooting Vest „Edition Ergosign“

The Ergosign Shooting Vest from the Italian Manufacturer Castellani offers you an optimal equipment. The excellent wearing comfort as well as the colour design with embroidery on front and reverse matching with Ergosign give an exclusive appearance to this special edition. The shooting vest can be ordered in different sizes in the variations Trap, Skeet and Sporting and is also available for left-handed shooters. Our Ergosign Shooting Vest is the perfect addition to your Ergosign EvoComp stock system.

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